Guitar Cables

Quality guitar cables are oftentimes an overlooked component in one's audio signal path. However, it doesn't make sense to use a $5 cable to plug a $1,500 guitar into a $2,000 amplifier, does it? So, it's best to buy quality cables to preserve the integrity of your signal chain. Cheap cables can sound muddy and result in high-end signal loss. They also often lose their solder connections much easier. No getting around it. You've got to have good cables.

Some cables, however, are incredibly overpriced for what they offer, so it's important to balance audio quality with cost effectiveness. No sense buying a $150 guitar cable if a $40 one will do. All of the guitar cables we have listed below come in a wide variety of price points, but they are all quality brands who offer excellent guitar cables. Most are pre-wired, but some (George L, Lava) allow you to cut your own cables to length easily.