Guitar Cases

Although not as "sexy" as shopping for a new guitar, amp, or effects pedal, a properly-chosen guitar case is crucial. When shopping for a case, you not only have to concern yourself with how well the case will protect your guitar or bass. You have to consider how much the case weighs, how you'll carry it, extra-storage space, and the like. Hardshell cases provide the maximum amount of protection. For flying or touring, you should consider cases that are ATA rated and provide appropriate locks for security check points.

If you're a musician who gigs regularly, you'll also have to keep in mind such considerations as the weight of the case and extra storage in addition to protection. Some hard cases provide shoulder straps to help with weight distribution. If you carry your guitar to school or lessons often, you'll also want to purchase a case that provides extra space for books as well as important accessories such as extra strings, a tuner, metronome, picks, strap, etc.