Guitar Stands

A good guitar stand is a worthwhile investment, since a quality stand will not only protect your guitar from getting tipped over, but also facilitate playing and practicing the instrument. Traditional guitar stands consist of a U-shaped base with a cradle for the neck. However, while inexpensive, such standards are also prone to being knocked over and provide only minimal protection. Other stands provide no neck cradle but have a secure base that resists tipping. Still other stands provide no support for the body of the guitar but provide a cradle for the neck, securing the guitar through a weighted mechanism that locks when the guitar is placed in the stand.

In addition to or in place of floor-based stands, some players prefer to hang their guitars on wall hangers that are secured with drywall anchors. Provided the hangers are properly installed, such solutions provide great security as well as protection for instruments (though care must be taken in warm houses). Other floor-based solutions include stands that hold multiple guitars.

When you're considering the purchase of a guitar stand, make sure you don't skimp too much. Cheap plastic tubing has been known to mar finishes, and if you store your guitars in an area where animals or small children are common, consider wall hangers to protect your musical investment.