Guitar Strap Locks

If you've ever had a guitar take a nose dive from a slipping guitar strap, then you likely could benefit from strap locks, which are intended to keep one's guitar strap secure during performance. Different types of locks have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The two most popular types of strap locks are those made by Schaller and Dunlop. Different players will swear by each type, with often the appearance of the locks themselves being the deciding factor. Schallers use a U-shaped cradle and locking pin whereas Dunlops rely upon a groove-and-ball design. Other recent designs include models by Ernie Ball and Hennessey.

Dimarzio locking straps, which use a locking-clip system that is, arguably, the most secure locking system available; however, the downside to the Dimarzio system is that you have to replace your stock strap buttons with the end of the locking strap and have to leave part of strap always attached. So, it's not a viable option if you want to use your own guitar strap.

Other locking methods that are easier to install, though perhaps not as robust, include Dunlop Plastic Strap Locks that simply slide over the strap pin. These plastic locks are good if you want to maintain the stock look of your instrument, and have been used by players from Eric Clapton to John Mayer.

Popular makeshift solutions include the beloved "Grolsch mod," using Grolsch beer bottle washers to secure the straps, a viable option indeed, unless you need to do some intense guitar acrobatics.

In the end, there are a variety of possible solutions to falling guitar straps. There is no single best option, and several players use different locking systems with different instruments.