Guitar Straps

A good guitar strap is often an overlooked aspect of a guitar player's gear arsenal. While not the flashiest or most expensive piece of "equipment" you can buy, a good guitar strap can make the difference between a good experience and a miserable one. Cheaper straps tend to dig into the skin more, creating discomfort, especially with a heavier guitar like a Gibson Les Paul. Many players find leather guitar straps to be most comfortable, especially if they're heavily padded. Numerous types of custom guitar straps are also available, if you want to add a personalized guitar strap to your gig bag.

Regardless of whatever type of strap you choose, it's important to keep your bodily health in mind as well as the fashion statement you want to make. Picking a guitar strap good for your back will enable you to play longer and more comfortably, likely resulting in better playing.