Guitar String Winders

If you've ever changed strings without a string winder, you know how much time can be wasted getting new strings up to pitch by hand. It's not a big deal if you only change strings occasionally or own only one or two guitars. However, the time can add up if you need to change strings regularly or if you change strings on several instruments. As a result, every guitar player should own a string winder, which is a very simple crank specifically designed to facilitate turning guitar tuning heads.

Most guitar companies offer string winders as a means of cheap advertising (Fender, Gibson, Martin), and while most winders are pretty much the same, there are some higher quality winders that have a smoother feel and are more secure. It's even possible to get string winding attachments for a drill or cordless screwdriver to make the process go even faster. You'll often find string winders available in a wide variety of colors, if you're so inclined. Given how inexpensive they are (most are under $5.00), it makes sense to own a couple, just so you have a spare.