Guitar Tuning Machines

At one time, guitarists and other stringed instrumentalists who didn't like their stock tuning machines were just out of luck. You took what the guitar maker had to offer, and if you were lucky, the tuners stayed in tune. Eventually, companies like Grover, Gotoh, Schaller, Sperzel, and others began offering after-market replacement tuners with improved gear ratios for more precise tuning as well as locking mechanisms to improve tuning stability.

These days, guitar players have more choices than ever regarding the type of tuners they can use. Even vintage-looking replacement tuners have an improved design to ensure greater tuning stability. Today, guitar players and other musicians can replace substandard tuning machines with professional models available in a wide range of finishes (the standard choices being chrome, black, and gold). There are even tuners that will cut your strings for you or eliminate the need for a locking nut. Replacement tuners can greatly improve an instrument's tuning stability and provide a much more satisfying experience for guitarists, bassists, and other stringed instrumentalists.